effen and bourban

Bourbon and Vodka are Getting Married…Does Anyone Object to this Union?

Yes, these two seemingly very dissimilar alcohols are getting swirled together.  The end result is something that’s totally different, and totally great to share with family and friends for the holiday.

Here’s what you’ll need:


1 part Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
1 part Effen® Vodka
Splash of Triple Sec
Splash of Black Cherry Juice
Garnish: Black Cherry


Combine all ingredients in a shaker and mix well
Strain and serve up in a martini glass
Garnish with a black cherry

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Let us know if you like it!


Do you have a Moosehead hanging from your wall?

Probably not….but you should definitely have some Moosehead in the refrigerator!!!

Moosehead Lager comes from Canada’s oldest brewery (around since 1867).  Michael J Fox, as a Canadian American, is a big fan of Moosehead.  On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Fox was quoted as saying that American beer is”watered down” and that he always prefers Moosehead.  This comment got him, to his surprise, a truckload of Moosehead sent to his hotel room.

Last Saturday night I bough a 12 pack of Moosehead Lager, and yeah it was pretty good.  It’s taste is somewhat along the line of regular Budweiser, but it seemed to taste somewhat crisper and had a bitter side that was really good.

The first thing you notice that is a little bit different from other Lagers is that Moosehead has a distinct aroma that is almost sweet.  The flavor of it is really crisp.  Someone could go so far as to say that the flavor possesses a certain “complexity” that is absent in other beer in its price range (about $13.00 for a 12 pack of bottles).  Long story short, its incredibly drinkable and its a little bit different.

So give it a try like I did, or keep drinking it if you already do and use this to save some $$  http://bit.ly/hn2UG1 :)


When you think of Champagne, Do you think Moet and Chandon?

The answer should be yes, because Moet and Chandon is not only one of the world’s largest champagne producers, it’s also one of the most premium.

It’s fit for a queen, literally.  Moet holds a Royal Warrant to supply champagne to Queen Elizabeth II – it’s her favorite bubbly.

Moet is also the company that introduced the Dom Pérignon label back in the 1920′s.  The shield style label for Dom made people notice it, but taste is it’s best attribute.  Dom Pérignon has been recognized by connoisseurs as the most perfect champagne available, and thus was also priced as the most expensive.

Anyway, back to Moet Champagne.   I’ve been working with Albertsons promoting the savings of BevCoupons.com, and had an inspiring conversation with one of the shoppers there.  She purchased a bottle of Moet and Chandon Imperial (yeah, we got a coupon for it), and went on to describe how there was no better way to celebrate than with Moet.  She said that no other Champagne has as many tiny dancing bubbles giving you as much of a euphoric sensation as Moet and Chandon.  She bought one, and then so did I.  I planned on saving it for Thanksgiving, but couldn’t wait and popped my cork early :)  I don’t want to influence your buying decision (or do I :) ),  but Moet’s Imperial Champagne was totally awesome to share with some friends and made the evening seem special.

So why not go with a Moet and Chandon Champagne sometime soon??? Here’s your incentive


Let’s go for a Cruz, and get the Best Tequila in Arizona…

Hi Beverage Fans – this post is just in time for a Thursday nightcap.

We love giving you great deals on great brands, but we’re even happier when we can take credit for introducing you to a new drink that you end up loving.

Today, that new drink is Cruz Tequila. It’s often known as “Arizona’s Ultra Premium Tequila,” so if you’re here in AZ, you better take note.   It wins a lot of prestigious awards for tasting great and has a great reputation among its fans, here’s why:

  • Cruz Tequila is made from 100% blue agave (Tequila is produced by removing the “heart” of the plant in its twelfth year)
  • It’s versatile as an aperitif, digestif and its ability to mix in many favorite cocktails
  • The all-natural, proprietary distillation process yields a very smooth, soft flavored tequila
  • Cruz is less pungent from stronger flavored brands in the ultra premium segment – you’ll love sipping this Tequila!

To top it all off, Cruz is a green company, practices sustainable farming, low emissions distillation and they donate 7% profits to national and international charities - you really do feel good drinking it:)

I am going to put you in suspense – because soon we are going to have a nice coupon for Cruz to help you save $$ :)

For now – check out these two great recipes, and some helpful videos (http://bit.ly/9Rm2GN) that show you how to make them just right…Cruz is Redefining Ultra Premium Tequila

CRUZ Southwestern Mojito

2 oz Tequila, 1/2 lime squeezed, 1 fresh jalapeno slice and a pinch cilantro. Shake with ice and add 4 oz Sprite.

CRUZ Seabreeze

2 oz Cruz Tequila, 4 oz cranberry juice and 1 oz grapefruit juice. Shake then serve over ice.




turkey punch

Bloody Mary’s for Halloween, but what drink goes with Thanksgiving???

I asked a bunch of people what drinks remind them of Halloween, and a Bloody Mary was the favorite response.

But what about Thanksgiving? Champagne goes without saying, but there is no real signature Thanksgiving drink (most people don’t seem to drink Wild Turkey a lot on Thanksgiving, oddly enough).   Here is an awesome Thanksgiving recipe for you to get a head start on celebrating with:

“Turkey Punch” This will serve everybody and give you a good reason to use that giant punch bowl again.

You’ll need these:

Punch bowl, 8oz lemon juice, 1 can frozen lemonade, 1 orange, 1 bottle of Jim Beam (750 ml)

  1. Take that nice big punch bowl and mix:  8oz lemon juice, 1 frozen lemonade concentrate can, 1 two liter bottle of 7up, and 1 bottle of Jim Beam (750 ml).
  2. Cut up your orange and add the slices, also add some big ice cubes
  3. Enjoy Thanksgiving’s signature drink, “Turkey Punch”

After you drink half of this punch, you can tell a great joke like…

What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
The turKEY!!!   – Just make sure the people you’re telling the joke to have been drinking  the punch too;)

One more for good measure:

What did the turkey say before it was roasted?
Boy! I’m stuffed!

Black and Tan

What do you Get with a Guiness and some Ale???

That’s right….a Black and Tan!

So let’s get into why it makes sense to mix the two.

Historically, even though we think a Black and Tan is a favorite Irish drink, it can really be an offensive term for Irish nationals.   The Irish still think of Guinness as their beloved “liquid bread,” but mixing it with ale turns it into a British drink and has roots in the Irish War of Independence.

So enough about history, What about taste?

By using one of those awesome spoons you see here, you can our your Guinness over some ale like a champion.  What you’ll end up with is are the separate flavors of each on the top and bottom, but that distinctly new flavor of the mixture in the middle – this is really where the action is for your taste buds.  So you simply pour a porter or stout on an ale in equal proportions, and you’ve got it.  It goes great with a roast or a steak – trust me I just had this on my menu!  But this is my opinion – so why do you love a good Black and Tan?

Get Over here and Get some Guinness goo.gl/SfzX :)

* An interesting fact is that in Ireland, a half and half is simply warmed Guinness poured over chilled Guinness, in hopes of achieving that ideal 44 degrees Farenheit temperature.

Jim Beam and Scoop Jackson

How About a Glass of Jim Beam and some Good Conversation?

“The Next Round” is a great place to check out conversations on some intriguing sports topics. Hosted by Scoop Jackson, topics range from the latest sports news to unique interviews. Scoop just had Ron Arest from the Lakers on the show and they were talking about how Artest wants to play football and box professionally before the end of his sports career. If you want to know if Artest would rather be in a boxing match for the heavyweight title or in the superbowl, check this out http://es.pn/dw20yx

Sometimes you need a couple shots of Jim Beam when the conversation catches fire. Subjects like the Red Sox vs Yankees rivalry get intense.  Scoop was asking Yankee fan Nick Torturro what he would do if Derek Jeter went over to the Red Sox.  Torturro would not answer the question, even though its something the Red Sox have to actually live with all the time (lousy Johnny Damon).

Jim Beam is the sponsor of the show, and the relationship makes sense.  Try sipping on some Jim Beam while you watch the show, it puts you right at the table of the conversation.

Remember to stop by our Cool Videos section for some great Jim Beam Videos http://bit.ly/9nDmaq


Have you seen the Svedka Fembot move? Dancing and Vodka do Mix…


It seems like alcohol campaigns and commercials tend to be on the more traditional, old fashioned side, with a touch of the club scene dropped in. It’s what audiences have been accustomed to, and it has always just seemed to fit because many brands have a rich heritage. Svedka Vodka is one of the few players in liquor that is going totally futuristic, and it’s actually done very well.

Svedka has been on the scene with its Fembot since 2005.  The reason the Vodka has gained in popularity is because their brand is well differentiated (a sexy vodka drinking robot that dances – kinda stands out), they’ve been spending millions on video advertising (Svedka was in both Sex & the City movies), and the downward economy was a surprising help for them.  They are priced a bit above the domestics like Smirnoff, but a bit below guys like Absolut, so they truly found a niche price point in the marketplace.

The Svedka image is all about partying and being sexy, and the Svedka fembot is intended to symbolize the brand’s achievement of being voted the “No. 1 vodka” in 2033.  Well Fembot, we look forward to seeing how your dance moves evolve until 2033.  Until then, I’ll be practicing the robot moves I learned from your video – Watch it Here.

If your thirstin’ for some Vodka and dancin’, check this out http://goo.gl/SfzX :)

AND if any of out readers wants to post a video link of themselves doing the robot – we will have a special prize for you!!!!

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan has a new First Mate, and she’s not Scurvy at all…

In fact, she’s been referred to as the return of the “great American supermodel.”   Her name is Marisa Miller, and she’s done the Sport’s Illustrated swim suit issue as well as campaigns with Victoria’s Secret & Harley Davidson – she’s just plain scorching hott.

Why did the Captain need a first mate, you ask?

Captain Morgan is the spokesperson for a legendary brand; sometimes his popularity and partying tire him out.  Marisa as his first mate is supposed to help spice up guest appearances and give the Captain support in all his partying voyages.  It seems like a nice duo, and it will be interesting to see how the full campaign rolls out.

For now, be sure to check out these trailer videos in our “cool videos section.“  You’ll not only see how beautiful Marisa Miller is, but that’s she’s also a capable pirate and sword-fighter.

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belvedere vodka savings

We Love Belvedere Vodka, but what does “Ultra Premium” Mean Exactly?

Belvedere has really caught people’s attention lately by branding themselves in the “Ultra Premium” Vodka segment.  After doing some research on their website, which is quite cool, I was able to take the grand tour and find some answers.

As a lot of Vodka drinkers know, Vodka is often considered to be the neutral spirit with no aroma or taste.  Smirnoff is famous for their campaign of their vodka as “leaving you breathless (A.K.A go ahead and drink it at work and no one will smell it on you).”

Belvedere takes us to a different place where the taste of Vodka matters.  As opposed to being neutral vodka with no taste or aroma, Belvedere is classified as “vodka with character.”  In fact, Belvedere’s brand ambassador invites fans to sip it as you would a fine cognac or fine wine.  That is an interesting invitation, as enjoying vodka by savoring the flavor slowly is a new experience for many long time drinkers.

The ultra premium part comes in when you consider the ingredients.  Typically, vodka comes from molasses, wheat, or potato.   Belvedere uses handcrafted 100% Dankowski Gold Rye from Poland (the true birthplace of vodka btw).

In the end, here is what you can expect:

  • On the nose:  vanilla and rye bread
  • On the palate:  brazil nuts, creamy vanilla
  • Soft clean finish

Feel free to go here to see Belvedere’s lovely brand ambassador show you around their distillery in Poland http://bit.ly/c05Y2E

Oh yeah – and don’t forget to SAVE with this exclusive offer on some Belvedere – http://bit.ly/bE422j

comment and let us know the way YOU savor your Belvedere